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About Us

Spiritual Power is a recognized and authorized website that aims at providing astrology services to all those individuals who believe in Sanatan dharma and Vedic astrology. As an authorized website providing for astrology services to people from around the world, Spiritual Power under the guidance of recognized and popular astrology consultant, Sanatan Shastri, has taken the responsibility upon themselves to save the people who believe in dharma, astrology and more from astrologers and pandits who have made astrological services commercial or even fraud at times, thereby charging huge amounts for the service.

Astrology is closely related to spirituality and it is something that needs to be looked at from a very dedicated point of view. But in the recent times, astrology has become more of a business, owing to fake or commercially-oriented astrologers and pandits. Numerous complaints have been registered over the years against scams, unauthorized charges or even fake services in this very realm of astrological services. Not only is such a scenario unethical, but it is also really disheartening especially for the ones who believe in the various aspects of astrology and dharma with all their heart. Hence, with the valuable guidance of honorable Sanatan Shastri, Spiritual power aims to restore and spread the goodness that real astrology encompasses. Our organization has an experience of more than thirty years in this very field, which makes it one of the most reliable and efficient astrology services available today online. In fact, our organization has been deemed as the best astrologer and Vastu consultant in whole of Mumbai.

One of the best things about Indian culture is its rich set of cultural values all of which come together to set our very culture apart from different cultures around the world. In fact, the set of Indian cultural values that relates to spirituality has contributed the most in harnessing the spirit of Indians throughout ages. With this, spiritual minded Indians have succeeded in maintaining their Indianness that sets them apart from most individuals today. Spiritual Power, our website believes in this very Indianness and wants to take forward this very essence in the realm of astrology. Sanathan Shastri along with our trained team has an amazing and in-depth knowledge about Indian Vedic Astrology and Kramakand. Moreover, for respected Sanatan Shastri, more than three generations of his family have been in the same field which adds to his efficiency as an astrology expert and consultant. We also have a very strong financial background which shall make our service more qualitative and efficient.

Astrology consultation in todays world has become really commercial, and one needs to pay huge amounts of money to avail such consultation services, Sanathan Shastri along with Spiritual Power website aims at providing a hand of help to all the spiritual minded people out there who strongly believe in astrology. The website is purely for social cause as we believe that access to spiritualism is every individual right; one just needs a helping hand to understand and explore this very path. We strongly disapprove of payment for such guiding and social services.

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